Helsinki -  THE FORUMIST with Versace Henrik

Photography : Duran Levinsson

Styling & Direction : Yuliya Maltseva

Hair & Make-Up : Riina Jäntti

Artist : Versace Henrik

In It INNIT - ASHUS Album Cover for Yeoja Magazine

photography : Johannes Erb

styling & direction : Yuliya Maltseva

hair & make-up : Hendrik Gebhardt 

styling assistance : Vladimir Geschev

artist : ASHUS

Wo/Man for Yeoja Magazine

Photography : Linh Nguyen

Models : Felix Andreas Kühnert, Leon Teke & Sille Todten


GONE 2018

A short film about loss and healing. written and directed by Jan Weber


produced by Jan Weber, David Brändle

featuring: Anna Roi, Philipp Boos

creative director: Yuliya Maltseva

director of photography: David Brändle

Jan Weber sound recorder: Sagir Aliyu

audio operator: Yves R.

medical supervisor: Michelle Ordieres

set photographer: Lukas Preuss

"One of a Kind" 


Commercial interview project for STELLA LAVINIA


photography : Lucas Christiansen

concept : Stella Lavinia Overmann

creative direction  : Yuliya Maltseva

hair & make-up : Aylin Schulze


model : Elli D. 

interviewer : Nathalie Grimm