Hi, hej, hallo!


My name is Yuliya Maltseva, I am a Fashion Stylist & Creative Director based between Berlin and Helsinki and Stockholm. Coming from a background of Personal Shopping I offer a wide range of personalised styling services with a strongly valuing individuality and authenticity of the character


Skills: eCommerce, film, editorial, direction, celebrity styling, brand and influencer collaborations, production assistance. 


For collaborations, bookings and further requests, please contact @everything@maltseva.de



languages: en      de                      instagram: @mltsva 

           ru      uk

           sv      fr






brands: Nike                        magazines: INFRINGE Magazine

        Nouri                                  SLEEK Magazine

        Amorelie                               Kaltblut Magazine

        Berliner Bags

        STELLA LAVINIA                         



film: I+AM (Adam Munnings) 2019

      Rabbitfolk (Cleo Spiro) 2021


music video: Shadowdancer – el niño diablo (Adam Munnings) 2021