My name is Yuliya Maltseva, I am a Fashion Stylist and independent creative based in Berlin. I specialize in highly personalized fashion styling, creative direction and fashion and culture editorial work. Led by the creative spirit of discovery, I have experiences in film, commercial, editorial and advertorial productions, putting a strong focus on bridging the artistic and the commercial. 


My written or styling work has been published Numéro Berlin, Fräulein Magazine, KALTBLUT Magazine, SLEEK & more.  Zalando, Amorelie, Ellen Alien, Nike, Berliner Bags, Timsto and other brands and artists count to my clients. 


 instagram     @mltsva 

 linkedin         linkedin.com/ym




location Berlin / Helsinki / Amsterdam

 languages   de   en     sv   fr   ukr   fi


For collaborations, bookings and further requests, please contact everything@maltseva.de